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7 Eleven Convenience stores have snacks, medicine, ice cream, prepaid debit cards, phone cards, music gift cards, hot food, coffee, candy, hot chocolate, Slurpees (Icy Drink), Big Gulp cups for sodas, milk, orange juice, health and beauty products, sports drinks and bars, magazines, sunglasses, and more. The stores carry the brand 7-Select which is exclusive to 7-Eleven. Some locations also have gas pumps to fill up your car with Citgo gas. The stores also have ATMs and check cashing available in certain locations. Several locations have redbox which is a DVD rental machine within the store. The rentals are only $1 plus tax. A pretty inexpensive way to get entertainment for the evening quickly and conveniently!

You can also join Slurpee Nation Rewards in which you earn points to get free stuff such as t-shirts, keychains, magnets. The site to sign up for the Slurpee Nation is at

When I find that I am out of milk, soda, bread, or need coffee in the morning real quick on the way to work, 7 Eleven is the place I stop. The stores are located across the country. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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