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Best Buy is an electronics store with everything. They carry many televisions from plasma to LCD to LED in sizes from 22" to 64" flat screens from just over $100 to over $7000. They also have little portable TVs starting under $100. There are also all of the related TV equipment to outfit your entertainment room: projectors, home theater systems, TV Stands, DVD Players, and more. They can also help out with getting cable setup with any of the local cable providers such as Time Warner, Comcast, Charter, etc. or Direct TV, if you prefer satellite.

The Audio department features iPods, MP3 players, home audio, headphones (Beats by Dr Dre or ear buds from under $50 to $1500), and car audio including satellite radio. The mobile phones at Best Buy come with plans or "No Contract" phones where you prepay the air time with a carrier such as T Mobile or Cricket or Boost Mobile and buy the phone. You can buy more prepaid minutes later in a card or instantly via email. There are protection plans and buy back plans, too. Phones with plans have ATT, Verizon, T Mobile or Sprint as the provider.

The computers section has an extensive selection of systems and components such as monitors, keyboards, mice, flash drives to mouse pads, CDs, DVDs, and web cams. They carry regular desktop computers, laptops, and tablets. The camera selection includes point and shoot, DSLR (digital single lens reflex), compact, or get the whole package or batteries, camera, backpack, and more. They also sell film cameras for under $100. There are also camcorders, telescopes, binoculars, digital picture frames, and accessories for the cameras: SD cards and adapters, bags, tripods, batteries.

For the office, you can check out the selection of printers, scanners, FAX, copiers, phones, furniture, software, ink, toner to meet your business needs. There are also selections in health equipment. They have treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes. They also have weights and home gym equipment.

They have movies for sale in DVD format of movies and TV shows. With Best Buy Cinema Now or hulu Plus you can rent digital formats of the DVDs or purchase them on demand. There are also music CD or Vinyl for purchase. Also, they have books and audio books for sale. For digital music, they sell iTunes gift cards. In addition, they sell musical instruments and equipment from guitars, drums, amplifiers, lighting, microphones, even lessons through Take Lessons at Best Buy. There are also video games for X Box, Play Station, Wii, Nintendo, to purchase or download via Playstation Network or XBox Live. You can place video game preorders, trade in games, or purchase pre-owned games for less then new.

Electronic appliances for sale at decent prices for refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, fans, heaters, and other small appliances are in store. Best Buy has installation services, delivery services, Recycle, Trade In, and a Buy Back Program available.

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