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Chipotle serves up delicious Mexican food in a bright, inviting environment. People queue up to order tacos, burritos, and salads in an assembly line style where you pick and choose your ingredients as you move through the line. You choose your tortilla or bowl and move through the line adding items to your order: choice of meat, rice, beans, veggies, salsa, guacamole, and cheese or sour cream. The burritos can be made in a tortilla or a bowl and tacos can be soft or crispy. The end result is a delicious meal for an inexpensive price (usually under $7.00). Chips and salsa are also available as well as choice of soft drink to complete the meal.

The restaurants are characterized by using corrugated tin with wood and dark colored paint and charming photographs on the walls. The cups and napkins and bags are unique, too. They all have information written in big, block letters about Food with Integrity and Recycling... some with "attitude"! It is all in good fun. It makes the place unique and different from other inexpensive eateries. When going to Chipotle, give yourself extra time as every location that I have been to has a long line just to order. Yes, it is that good and definitely worth the wait. Save yourself some time and get it ready before you get there by ordering online. You will have to create an account and then you can select your burrito or taco, the ingredients to include and any chips and salsa and beverage, the location and time of pick up and even use your credit card or gift card to pay online.

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