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McDonald's is a great fast food place to grab something good to eat for a little bit of money. Their menu has a great variety of burgers from the little hamburger or cheeseburger to the famous Quarter Pounder and Big Mac sandwiches and as big as their selection of Angus Burgers. They also have chicken sandwiches available as Premium Grilled or Crispy. The Filet o Fish sandwich is a good alternate if you don't want chicken or beef. If you don't care for a sandwich, there are Snack Wraps available with Angus Beef or Chicken in a variety of flavors including BBQ or Honey Mustard for the chicken wraps. There are also the classic chicken Mc Nuggets on the menu, too.

McDonalds also offers salads on the menu in flavors such as Caesar or Southwest. There are also options such as Fruit and Walnuts, a Fruit and Yogurt Parfait, or Apple slices. There is also a nice variety of tasty beverages from the McCafe menu such as hot chocolate, iced mocha, and wild berry smoothie. The other yummy desserts include the classic shakes, sundaes, hot apple pie, and the Mc Flurrys (soft serve ice cream with a variety of toppings).

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