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Radio Shack is an electronic store that carries computers, televisions, audio equipment, cameras, and similar products. The stores are a bit smaller in size than their competitors, but they are convenient and located in many locations. They have a good selection of electronics on display. Much of the inventory requires the assistance of a sales associate. Televisions range in size from 7 inch to gigantic 3D LCD or 65 inch HDTV models available. Radio Shack can assist you with Sirius XM satellite radio installation for your car or a player for home.

The audio section also has headphones, stereos, iPods, and MP3 players for your listening enjoyment. They carry cameras from Disney style $15 kiddie size 5 megapixel models to powerful 18 megapixel cameras for just under $2000. Radio Shack also has video games for Playstation, Ninetendo and X Box as well as radio controlled toys such as face cars, rovers, and bugs. They can also set you up with a new cell phone and recycle your old one with their Trade and Save program where they will buy your phone back from you or even recycle it for free if it does not have any value.

Radio Shack can set you up with a new cell phone contract with carriers Sprint, Verizon, or AT & T. I got my first cell phone and contract through the assistance of a Radio Shack sales associate. They are very helpful. If you are looking for assistance in getting internet or cable to your home, Radio Shack works with local cable providers such as Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and DISH Network to get you a good deal on a contract to wire up your home. The store also carries regular electronic hardware such as fuses, connectors, bulbs, and electronic testing equipment. For the home or office, they also have batteries, clocks, and calculators in stock. You may find a larger selection online of all of these products, too.

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