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Ralphs Supermarkets are located primarily in Southern California and owned by parent company Kroger, which is based out of the East Coast. The Ralphs stores have friendly, helpful employees who make you feel like it is a neighborhood grocery store. The produce section has a great selection of fresh fruits and veggies. Some are prepackaged for making salads or omelettes. Some veggies are freshly prepacked as salads for lunch or dinner complete with dressing - like the Greek salad or Chinese Chicken Salad for under $10.00. Certain stores carry organically grown vegetables. The Fresh Fare version of the Ralphs stores has an expanded produce department with even more of a selection to choose from. Most stores have a deli with freshly prepared pastas and side dishes as well as freshly cut sandwich meats available.

Also available is the floral department with reasonably priced flowers ($9.99) to more expensive arrangements with vases or cute little stuffed animals or balloons. Most stores also have a meat and\or seafood service counter in the meat department. Freshly cut meat is available from the service counter or is ready to go in the prepackaged containers in the department shelves. Some stores have a pharmacy or bank inside, too. If you need greeting cards and forgot to buy them elsewhere, just take a walk and pick up that last minute birthday or holiday card in the store while shopping.

Ralphs has a rewards program and if you join, you can save in discounts taken at the register when you checkout. You will also receive coupons every couple of weeks and a gift certificate each quarter for points that you earn by shopping at Ralphs. All you have to do is shop at Ralphs and use the Rewards Card to earn the points and earn extra points by using your Reusable Bags. Additionally, by going online and registering your card, you can go to the Community Rewards section of your account and select an organization to have Ralphs make a donation to at the end of the year.

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