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The Counter is a unique dining experience. The custom built burgers are totally designed by the customer. When you are seated, you will not receive a menu, but rather a clipboard with a list of various items to build the burger of your choice. If you are perplexed by this and it is your first time at the restaurant, the friendly staff will walk you through what to do. You have little pencils in a carrier at your table which you will use to select the items on the Build Your Burger sheet. Select your burger in step 1: beef, turkey, veggie, or grilled chicken and size of 1/3rd, 2/3rd of 1 pound and lastly, in a bowl or on a bun. Select your cheese in step 2 - any choice from the usual American or Cheddar to Brie, Blue Cheese or my favorite, Feta cheese. Select up to 4 toppings such as traditional ones like tomatoes, pickles, and lettuce or something different such as dried cranberries and grilled pineapple. Select your sauce in step 4 - anything from mayo to ranch dressing to tzatziki sauce. Finally, select your bun from regular hamburger to wheat bun to english muffin. You can add on sides such as fries, chili, onion rings, or grilled vegetables. If all of the choices are too much for you, there is a Signature Burger menu so you can order a Grilled Chicken sandwich or Old School Counter Burger or Taco Turkey.

There are Burgers in Bowls listed as well like the Southwestern or the Counter Cobb. For dessert, try a shake, float, or oversize chocolate chip cookie.

The Counter restaurants can be found mostly in southern California but are starting to show up on the East Coast, Texas, and Hawaii. Once you have tried The Counter and enjoyed it as much as my first veggie burger in a bowl with Caesar dressing, you may want to join the Counter Culture in which you sign up to get news about promotions, specials, and deals. They also sell Counter merchandise online or at the restaurant of hats and tshirts to let the world know that you are a fan of The Counter!

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