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Whole Foods Market stores carry organic,natural products. This chain seeks out organic food products to sell to its customers as opposed to purchasing non-organic foods that may be produced by using genetically engineered seeds or crops and\or are farmed using pesticides, herbicides or fungicides which are bad for the eco-system. The grocery store has fresh veggies and fruits, some of which are locally grown (that have traveled less than a day -7 or fewer hours by car or truck). Whole foods sources are natural and organic farmers. They carry their own brands: 365 Everyday Value, Whole Pantry, Whole Kitchen. They also have food for special diets including gluten free foods and vegan items in the store. The frozen food section has Whole Foods brand 365 Everyday Value Pizza, or mahi burgers or veggie lasagna (they have vegan, too). Foods for your pantry include bread, cereal, soup, Vegan Cane Sugar, Whole WHeat Tandoori Naan, olive oil, and more. They carry plenty of natural snacks like 365 Everyday Value Kettle Chips or Organic Popcorn, Endangered Species Chocolate Organic Smooth Dark Chocolate, and Himalayan Yogurt Covered Goji Berries.

Beverages you can find at the store include coffee, tea, wine, natural soda, ginger brew, juices, spring water, soymilk, ricemilk, almondmilk, and more. Their body and bath section has organic products: soaps, sprays, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and shea butter as well as items like tea tree oil, tiger balm (natural topical), and traumeel (homeopathic creme for acute injuries and inflammation). Supplements at Whole Foods include their own brand of vitamin supplements and Flu Relief. There are natural cleaning products such as all purpose citrus spray or EcoPath Biodynamic All Purpose Cleaner which are environmentally friendly.

The stores may also have a deli, cafe, or restaurant to stop in and pick up something freshly made that is good for your body. The market promotes a social responsibility in different ways. Whole Foods promotes recycling with reusable bags and recycling bins at the store and reusable plates in the store cafe\deli. The Whole Planet Foundation is involved in microlending in emerging economies such as Africa, Asia, and Latin America where Whole Foods gets its products to end poverty. The Whole Kid's Foundation works to get information out to improve the diet of children to make them healthier and promote salad bars and gardens in schools.

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